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America's unluckiest cop is having another very bad day. John McClane returns to save his kidnapped daughter in this 1st-person action/adventure. Traverse several distinct locations – including a return to Nakatomi Plaza in an original storyline that takes place several years after the last movie.


  • New Storyline featuring the characters from the original film, new characters and the actual voice of Reginald Vel Johnson, Officer Powell from the Die Hard film.

  • Hero Mode As John McClane you take on multiple bad guys at one time as you fire off 6 shots before your enemy can shoot even once.

  • Advanced AI Enemies hide behind corners when reloading and react differently according to where they are hit. Be careful - they will not think twice about killing hostages if you make a wrong move.

  • Weaponry Dual weapons for more fire power and an awesome arsenal including night vision goggles, a sniper rifle, uzis and more.

  • Stealth Gameplay Use enemy hostages in order to save others and take out enemies.

  • Dynamic Cinema Cam (DCC) which provides seamless camera shots within the game such as following a bullet, fast cuts and slow motion death effects.
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IN SHORT: Stay the hell away from this game!

I'll try to keep this short. This game is...

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