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Young Ari's shadow is one day possessed by the Shadow King Stanley High-Hat Trinidad the 14th. Stanley wishes to use the boy as a means to stamp out a few imposters, in exchange for helping the boy save his sister from an illness. Explore a gothic-but-wacky 3D world in an effort to help the 2 "allies". Battle enemies RPG-style using 3 characters; Stanley helps out too depending on the relationship between the boy and the demon!


  • Creatively stylized, entertaining characters, each character possess his/her own personality, strength, powers, and attacks.

  • Innovative and unique approach to traditional role-playing games. Find yourself enslaved by the evil king-solve puzzles. Battle over 100 enemies and discover new worlds.

  • Engage in enchanting conversations with NPC's; decipher mysterious clues, unravel the secrets hidden par beneath and discover the magic of this charming adventure.

  • Action-packed, dramatic battle sequences where allies and enemies fight simultaneously and in real-time.

Editor's Note:

Known in Japan as 'Boku to Maoh'.

Added on: January 24, 2001

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VERY KEWL!!! THIS GAME RAWKS!!! OkageTheShadowKing PS2

It still kicks ass and is the best game that I've ever played. It's about a boy named...


This game is great. The detailed storyline quickly sweeps away players. Although it...


To start off with I'm going to say that this game isn't for people who give up easily....


You to should play it. Why? Well, in most RPGs, you can guess what the next line is....


I really enjoyed this game, you really should buy it... that is... if your I.Q is over...


The game is really not that bad. It has a good story but they way things happen are...


The monsters make this game outstanding. They're rather a parody of other RPG games. ...


All in all it was a great game. I wouldn't suggest buying it unless you find it for...


Great game. Guides out for it aren't that good. Took me 3 rents from blockbuster to...

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