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Average Review Score: 4.9/10

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Death By Degrees Reviews

website score publish date D+ Feb 10 '05 5.5/10 Feb 11 '05
1UP 4.0/10 Feb 07 '05
Game Chronicles Magazine 5.7/10
GameDaily 4/10 Feb 11 '05 1.5/10 Jul 04 '05
Inside Hotwire 3D 6.5/10 Feb 18 '05
Kikizo Games 6.5/10 Feb 17 '05
PSX2 4/10 Feb 22 '05
VGPub 4.5/10 Feb 21 '05
GameSpot 5.6/10 Feb 03 '05
Gamespy 3/5 Feb 04 '05
IGN PS2 5.0/10 Feb 03 '05
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Death By Degrees Roundups and Shootouts

title website score publish date
Death By Degrees Review Game Freaks 365 -- Feb 10 '05

Death By Degrees Previews

website publish date
Gamespy Nov 04 '04
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GameSpot on Feb 04 '05

"Death by Degrees tries to be a lot of different things, and it fails at all of them."

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"Compared to its "snarky lone wolf tough girl" peers Tomb Raider and BloodRayne, this 3D adventure has bigger problems than its anatomy."

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IGN PS2 on Feb 04 '05

"Death by Degrees is nothing else but a disappointment. It's a game that wrongs its user over and over again so that after only a few short hours, the novelty of analog combat wears extremely thin...."

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Inside Hotwire 3D on Feb 19 '05

"Other than those optimistic features, you are left with a game that’s primarily a rental. But if you are in it for Nina’s sexy outfits and bouncy characteristic, then it might be worth checking out."

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PSX2 on Feb 24 '05

"Poor controls, poor camera, poor combat... Poor us for having to suffer through this dreck."

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