Dead Or Alive 2: Hardcore Own / Want List

Username Comments
kjhf Not hardcore.
Tempest None
Kuldahar None
Amy None
poo55555 None
SS4Gogeta None
Insanity Prevails None
DarkMercenary None
Hybrid None
Nakoruru None
afroking1000 None
SquareEnix gamer None
SunnyDelight None
Mnmfan meh..not great imo.
and0then THE BEST doa
Ikary Very fast, fun and easy game.
AmberReflection None
Storm None
Celes Leonhart None
iminlastplace This game is very much like the Dreamcast version but it contains some new things i think
Neopets4ever Not too Hardcore -.-
Chimaira None
Gamesta100 None
Neo FlameOut None
DemonSpirit None
Dresken None
lonewolveshardt None
solidfranz None
emmaaa None
hiku848 Well i got it on my birthday when i got my ps2 the second 1, my other ps2 was used and broke on me. but all in all i had fun with it.
Molko88 None
lxindustries None
Untamed_skies None
Scarlet Gamer Kinda boring.
Kimberlee88 None
Albert Chambers None
MilkyPink None
cherry25 None
GuardianReaper None
LevenderGirl None
daavpuke None
madden825 None
Cruel Angel Thesis None
Master Killer None
Aevers None
forcesofodin None
Tiger go Meow None
darkrex25 None