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The world has become very chaotic and disoriented since the tragic murder of Fame Douglas, the sponsor of the legendary "Dead or Alive I World Combat Championship". We must now rely on you to ensure that the world returns back to a state of peace. With 12 characters to choose from, your mission is to win the championship and save the world from the Tengu Disaster that will take place at the century's end. Your ability to battle using various fighting techniques will determine your character's fate. Will you fight for life or fight to the death?


  • Enter the Dead or Alive Championship and Fight Back
  • With 10 different fight modes Dead or Alive delivers a Knockout Punch time and again
  • Detonate explosive charges, shatter glass, wade through water, demolish walls and much more

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Insanity Prevails
May 02, 11 2:50am

Dead or Alive is a series that has become well known for its fanservice just as much...

Aug 26, 09 11:08am
Fighting game DeadOrAlive2Hardcore PS2
Scarlet Gamer
Aug 20, 09 8:48pm
Kinda boring. DeadOrAlive2Hardcore PS2
Jan 13, 09 7:30pm
Not hardcore. DeadOrAlive2Hardcore PS2
Oct 05, 08 2:44am
Well i got it on my birthday when i got my ps2 the second 1, my other ps2 was used and broke on me. but all in all i had fun with it. DeadOrAlive2Hardcore PS2
Jun 24, 07 12:47pm
added 3 cheats
Jun 22, 07 8:26am
added a cheat
Jul 25, 06 12:38pm
Not too Hardcore -.- DeadOrAlive2Hardcore PS2
Mar 09, 06 12:42am
This game is very much like the Dreamcast version but it contains some new things i think DeadOrAlive2Hardcore PS2
Nov 24, 05 1:12pm
added a cheat
Nov 12, 05 11:57am
added a cheat
Nov 06, 05 12:59am
Very fast, fun and easy game. DeadOrAlive2Hardcore PS2
Miss Razz
Jun 24, 05 8:40am
added 8 new screenshots
Jun 04, 05 1:22pm
THE BEST doa DeadOrAlive2Hardcore PS2
Jun 03, 05 5:52pm

DOA2 is good, it has got great graphics for it's time and nice scenery, breakable...

May 20, 05 1:26am
meh..not great imo. DeadOrAlive2Hardcore PS2
flabby z
Feb 17, 05 9:29am

The graphisc are aswesome a pure masterpiece of cgi
and the characters fantastic in...

Jun 12, 04 2:37pm

I bought it for the chicks. (Though the reason I always give, is that it had combat...

  • Genre: Action Fighting (PS2)
  • Developer: Tecmo
  • Publisher: Tecmo
  • Released
    North AmericaOct 26, 2000
    EuropeDec 15, 2001
    JapanDec 14, 2000
    AustraliaDec 15, 2001
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