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The sequel to the hardcore, action game Dead to Rights, brings the player (yet again) Jack Slate and his K9 partner Shadow as they battle in between criminal organizations trying to control Grant's City underworld. Dead to Rights II: Hell to Pay features intense new game play mechanics including a lightning-paced 360-degree brawling system, vicious melee weapon battles and a innovative spherical slow motion diving system.


  • Jack's K-9 fighting companion, Shadow, assists in combat and retrieves items during fighting.
  • 13 brutal new disarm moves to take down enemies in the heat of battle.
  • Lightning–fast melee fighting system allows Jack to collect and use melee weapons throughout his environment, including bats, pipes, 2x4s, machetes and swords.
  • Innovative 360 degree fighting engine allows Jack to engage enemies on all sides with special punches, kicks and brutal weapon attacks.
  • Jack's massive arsenal now includes heavy artillery such as mini–guns and shoulder–mounted RPGs. Also at Jack's disposal are devastating land mines, fléchette grenades that shred human flesh and shotguns with incendiary shells to set your enemies ablaze.
  • Cinematic bullet–time gameplay lets Jack take out enemies with breathtaking, slow–motion dives and dodge

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