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DDRMAX3 is the latest addition to the DDR series from Konami for the PS2. This version includes a complete new songlist featuring over 110 songs including new songs (including The Legend Of Max, Kakumei and home version only songs) and old classics (such as Paranoia 180).
Features carried from DDRMAX2 include the famous Oni and Nonstop modes and of course another new updated interface and menu background music.


  • Eye Toy Camera support creates a whole new level of interactivity!
  • New songs and popular hits by BT, Duran Duran and more!
  • New modes appeal to everyone from beginners to competitive dancers
  • Special "Work Out" mode allows you to track the calories you bur

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I practically broke my leg (and a lamp) trying to get the high score on this fun game!!! DanceDanceRevolutionExtreme PS2
i keep practicing on it each week at the arcade:L DanceDanceRevolutionExtreme PS2

You would think that the DDR era would be ending soon. I mean, prior to the release of...


The home port of one of the most recent arcade versions of the franchise, DDR Extreme...


Overall, the game is awesome.It has 8 modes:
GAME MODE:Basic mode in DDR. This is like...


I, in my opinion, think that DDR is one of the most innovative and fun games out...

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