Destruction Derby Arenas Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.1/10

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Destruction Derby Arenas Reviews

website score publish date
Game Chronicles Magazine 7.0/10 Apr 26 '04
GameZone 6.8/10 Apr 21 '04
Gaming Target 5.0/10 Jun 22 '04
Gaming-Age C- May 19 '04
Kikizo Games 5.4/10 Feb 03 '04
MyGamer 6.4/10 Aug 20 '04
netjak 5.7/10 Jun 07 '04
PGNx Media 7.2/10 Jun 06 '04
PSX Extreme 5.0/10 Aug 31 '04
The Armchair Empire 5.5/10 Jun 09 '04
Worthplaying 7.1/10 May 04 '04
AceGamez 7/10 Feb 09 '04
Future Games Network 69/100 Mar 18 '04
Gameplanet 2.5/5 Feb 13 '04
GamePro 9/15 May 20 '04
Gamer's Hell 6.5/10 Feb 26 '04
GameSpot 6.2/10 Apr 06 '04
IGN PS2 4.5/10 Mar 30 '04 71/100 Jan 17 '04
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Gameplanet on Feb 17 '04

"Destruction Derby Arenas was a game that could have delivered a lot. The format of the game opened itself up to a lot of creativity in the types of events available and its overall presentation."

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Gamer's Hell on Feb 26 '04

"This game surely has its moments, wrecking things evidently offers fun up to a certain limit, but the longer you play the more and more it gets apparent that behind the shiny surface there is..."

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GameSpot on Apr 07 '04

"The online mode makes this game worth a rental for fans of the genre, but there isn't enough to Arenas to make it worth the $40 retail price."

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IGN PS2 on Mar 31 '04

"Destruction Derby Arenas handles the arena smash-'em-up situations adequately well with some car crashes that can be fun for an hour or so. Playing online will provide another hour of smashing fun...."

Read full review on Feb 17 '04

"Destruction Derby Arenas is a worthy alternative to the other racing titles on the PS2, as there is nothing like smashing into your competitors and pulling off amazing stunts in a souped up car."

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