Dark Cloud is an RPG in which the player must rebuild the villages of the world after the evil "dark cloud" has ravaged the land. As you travel you'll unlock hidden secrets and uncover clues for rebuilding the villages to their original state. While playing, you can build up houses, hills, churches, temples, volcanoes, and streams and in real-time explore these 3D environments. There are hundreds of items and 6 playable characters, each of which can maintain up to 10 fully customizable weapons.


  • 6 playable characters each with their own unique abilities, weapons, skills and strengths.
  • Innovative new gameplay mechanic, GEORAMA(TM) challenges you to build a customized world then interact within it in real-time.
  • Stunning graphics with real-time weather and day/time display. Everything in the environment will change, depending on the time of day.
  • Detailed weapons system with the ability to change and increase weapon strength and damage.
  • Deeply involving and absorbing storylines combine a number of old Japanese-style fairytales and myths.
  • Hundreds of items to choose from including magic, spells, weapons, treasure, GEORAMA(TM) pieces, allies, vehicles, keys, and more.
  • 50+ hours of the most engaging gameplay ever undertaken in an action role-playing adventure and more than 60 minutes of magnificent cinematic movies expose you to elements of magic, action-adventure, strategy, and real-time combat of unparalleled depth.

Hardware Requirements

8MB Playstation 2 Memory Card required.
400KB minimum space needed to save.
Analog Control Compatible: All Buttons.
Vibration Function Compatible.

Official URL

Official Site
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It's funny when you look back on certain games - like what seemed like one of the best...

Ahh this game is so good...been playin it since i was 6 years old. DarkCloud PS2
Building towns never gets boring on this. I like this game. DarkCloud PS2
Doing the Demon Shaft. DarkCloud PS2
100% completion All weapons and items Demon Shaft Completed DarkCloud PS2
Very very fun. Once you get over the part where they cant talk. DarkCloud PS2
The most repetitive game I've ever played; and yet somehow, it still manages to be captivating. DarkCloud PS2
One of my favorite RPGs. It has a very unique weapon level system. DarkCloud PS2
Love the game but dislike the Ice Queen. DarkCloud PS2
One of my grandma\\\\\\\\ DarkCloud PS2
Ah, my first PS2 game. Fond memories... DarkCloud PS2
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