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Dark Angel is an action RPG set in a world of gothic horror. You control Anna, a young woman who must search for the cure to a mysterious disease that is slowly transforming her people into hideous and violent mutants. Her quest reveals a secret war between Vampire Lords who seek to maintain their domination over humanity and the Masters of Science that will fight the Vampire Lords no matter the cost.


  • Series Producers/Directors/Creators
  • Audio Introduction - John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer
  • Bonus Footage - Tribute to Robert Stack
  • Interactive Features:
  • Full Motion Menus
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Dark Angel's actually not that bad a title if you look at it from a different...


Well..at least it has one good thing about it.

Basically this game is constant...


This game is a dud. Eveything about it just sucks. There is nothing fun in this...


I wouldn't emply to buy this game...I would just rent it. It's not worth wasting money...

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