Crimson Tears is a futuristic 3D action game set in Tokyo, year 2049. Players take on the role of one of three inhuman "biological war weapons" that must battle hordes of enemies and maneuver through maze like environments as they investigate the cause of a mysterious disaster that has left the city incapacitated.

Crimson Tears features distinctive cel-shaded 3D characters and fast-paced fighting action intermixed with stylish CG movie sequences that unfold the enigmatic sci-fi story.The three main characters explore the headquarters of "A.R.M.A.," the weapons manufacturer that created them.

A mysterious incident has affected areas around the compound and has warped the city and buildings into a persistently shifting labyrinth. Utilizing their martial arts training and weapons they find in the labyrinth, they must battle their way past waves of biological weapon creations and fight their way to the core of A.R.M.A., where the answers to the mysteries lie.


  • Three playable characters – Each has unique special abilities and unique moves
  • Automatic "dungeon" creation system – The labyrinths are comprised of various "dungeons" which are based on futuristic conceptualizations of areas in Tokyo including sewers, subway stations and more with layouts, enemies, and items changing each time through.
  • Central home base – Various routes to the different dungeons can be accessed through a home base point where players can exchange items found in the labyrinth between the three main characters, expand their repertoire of moves and view various data.
  • Numerous enemy threats – Different kinds of enemies, which are also biological war weapons, appear in each dungeon, requiring strategic combinations of martial arts attacks and weapon-based combat for victory.
  • Customizable weapons and martial arts moves – The dynamic battle system involves collecting items to customize the arsenal of fighting moves and the various weapons.
  • Wide range of weapons – Swords, fighting gloves, bazookas, flame throwers and more.
  • Collect items and weapons – As players explore dungeons and defeat enemies, a variety of objects can be obtained and used to increase the characters' abilities

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