Pick up passengers and get as many of them to their destinations as possible within the time limit, in the craziest ways in this PS2 conversion of the popular arcade and Dreamcast game. Choose one of four taxi drivers and cause plenty of havoc, all for a better tip!


Trade in those furry dice, sit back and get ready to make some crazy money. From the vertical streets of the West Coast to the frantic mayhem of the Small Apple and the zany nightlife of Glitter Oasis, you'd better get ready to throw the highway code out of the window - 'cos this is driving Crazy Taxi 3 style.

Bring chaos to the streets day and night, meet all-new crazy passengers and race like mad across the city to their destinations. You gotta get that dude there on time!


  • Wild, mission-based gameplay infused with humor.
  • Rockin' soundtrack by hit bands Offspring and Bad Religion.
  • Four different cabs and drivers, each with their own style and attitude.
  • Two expansive, interactive courses for extensive gameplay.
  • Nine minigames challenge your mastery of various driving skills.
  • True driving dynamics

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HullCityTiger33 and 41 others own Crazy Taxi
fun classic and has fast game play CrazyTaxi DC
fun game, for its time CrazyTaxi DC
Hellfire29 and 1 others played Crazy Taxi
A cool arcade game on ps2 (great music too) CrazyTaxi DC
Fun at first, but gets boring after playing it some time. CrazyTaxi DC

great game. nice story plot. go out and earn money and try to get the highest rank...

Arcade is better CrazyTaxi DC
The arcade original brought to your home! :) CrazyTaxi DC
Play this game every day and night! CrazyTaxi DC

So one time, I was visiting an arcade when I saw a game called Crazy Taxi. I put 75...


This game is good for about a week, then it just gets boring, as all you do is drive...

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