: : : : : Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex


Still smarting from his last defeat, Dr. Neo Cortex has developed a new diabolical plan to finally rid himself of his arch-nemesis. And this time, it just might work!

Cortex's ultimate Crash destroyer is a genetically altered super-creature dubbed Crunch. To power his infernal creation Cortex discovers the resting-place of the Elemental Powers, and steals ancient Crystals that keep these elemental gods asleep. The gods awaken, unleashing their destructive energies on the helpless planet Earth.

It's up to Crash Bandicoot® and his sister Coco to return the Crystals, and defeat Cortex and his monstrous creation before they take over the world, and before Crunch destroys Crash!


  • The biggest adventure yet: Enjoy 30 new, action-packed levels in massive, rendered environments.
  • Multiple modes of vehicular mayhem: Control 8 different vehicles, from a crop-duster to a giant robot suit.
  • Two can play at this game: For the first time ever, play as Crash's tough-as-nails sister, Coco.
  • Positively eyeball popping: The most dazzling special effects ever seen in a Crash game.

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having a problem beating the second level master CrashBandicootTheWrathOfCortex PS2
Dec 22, 09 7:22pm
..........? CrashBandicootTheWrathOfCortex PS2
Jun 29, 09 4:54am
Fun game in general, but not the biggest fan. CrashBandicootTheWrathOfCortex PS2
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Ok game. Not the greatest though. CrashBandicootTheWrathOfCortex PS2
super crashmaniac
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Bought used, have beaten it, still has the booklet. CrashBandicootTheWrathOfCortex PS2
Jan 18, 09 4:54pm
Great game. :D CrashBandicootTheWrathOfCortex PS2
Mark Robertson
Jul 04, 08 5:26pm
this game is sooo easy CrashBandicootTheWrathOfCortex PS2
Oct 07, 07 2:42pm
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