Crash of the Titans Code Breaker Codes (PS2)

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Enable Code (Must Be On) (PS2) North America Master

B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
6BAA4245 2FB8F6D1
5790FE02 C81A420A
B283A94D 197FA82A

All codes for Crash of the Titans (PS2) North America

Quick Max Mojo
51826EE3 D2A98B6E
695F0BAE 8B5AF8B8

Quick Max Green Mojo
104A438D 71791AD7

Infinite Lives
17883ED6 793100D4

Extra Lives
BDF484D7 673EFA4E

Infinite Health
8A74E7A4 0E7CA879
8B09E25C DC03690C
483D3EAF 77F1E54D