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In his latest episode, Crash is on a quest spanning exotic islands in search for his ultimate nemesis, Nina and Neo Cortex, who have wreaked havoc by using their powers to mutate creatures and mastermind a nefarious plot of destruction. Crash, with his daredevil persona, coupled with a completely intuitive and original acrobatic combat style lends himself to fast and satisfying fighting. Crash of the Titans gives unprecedented power and control to kids. Crash Jack to take the enemy's abilities and use them against each other. The bigger the foe the bigger the opportunity!


  • Don't beat 'em – Jack 'em! Control, play and BATTLE as 15 different outrageous and totally unique enemies, including Scorporilla, Ratcicle and Shellephant. Use their special abilities, breathe fire and strike with earth-shaking attacks. Use one enemy as a weapon to blow away the others…and then collect their skins to replay a level with their powers!
  • For the first time ever in a Crash game Crash now has a powerful acrobatic fighting system: punches and flying kicks, multiple attacks and special counter moves. Power up skills to unlock new attacks and blazing combos! Sure, he still spins, but now he's got some serious moves to back it up!
  • With an amazingly expanded moveset, Crash can now interact with his world in totally new ways. Climb trees, swing from ropes, flip off springboards – but that's just part of the package. Crash can even toss Aku Aku on the ground and surf, skate, grind and shred.
  • Ready for some Crash on Crash action? That's right – it's twice the Crash! At any point in the game get your buddy to join in and play as Carbon-Crash, and work together to unleash total chaos! Crash can even jack Carbon-Crash (or vice versa) for some hysterical Crash/jacked-Crash mayhem.
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great CrashOfTheTitans DS
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its funny if you don't already have it get it now! CrashOfTheTitans DS
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good CrashOfTheTitans DS
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