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Cookie and Cream must charge through obstacle-filled tracks in order to complete their quest for the moon. It is a 2-player game where both players must solve puzzles and obstacles through teamwork. Both of you have to work together to win.


  • It's a Date Game:
    2 people can share the same controller while playing!
  • It's a Double-Date Game:
    Same as above with 4 people using 2 controllers!
  • It's a Party Game:
    4-Player Mode has new areas open to the players after they complete each level in the Adventure Mode. It's a mad scramble to grab the most bonus items before the others beat you to it!
  • It's too Unique to label:
    Let's just say it's an Action/Puzzle/Platformer/2-Player/4-Player/Family Game/Party Game/Date Game/Adventure for Everyone!

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MysticalTemptress and 2 others own The Adventures of Cookie and Cream
Dec 19, 06 5:14pm

Despite the colorful visuals and kiddy theme, this is NOT a puzzle challenge for kids....

Mutant Imp
May 20, 06 11:01pm
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Sep 29, 05 7:01am
Hahaha... Seems funny and rare. TheAdventuresOfCookieandCream PS2
Super Vegeta
Dec 26, 04 12:23pm
added a cheat
Aug 30, 03 10:13pm
added a cheat
Sep 06, 02 8:32am

Ok...I know what you are thinking "What in god's apple juice pants is this game!?"...

Oct 31, 01 7:16pm

This game is a lot of fun when playing with friends and family. It's very addictive...

Mar 26, 01 9:23pm
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