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The rally game reinvented by the people who invented the rally game. New cars, new co-driver and a new season. Test your skill through snow, sand, gravel and mud to win the championship. Featuring over 20 fully licensed vehicles including classic and bonus cars, constructed with exquisite detail and spot on physics too. Choose the team, the car, and the event, from over 48 stages and 8 countries. With improved environments and draw in distances this is set to be the rally game of the year.


  • Up to eight single and multiplayer game modes including new 2WD normal/advanced, 4WD normal/advanced, Group B modes, Expert, Stages and Rallies.

  • Drive any car from the start in the Open Championship Mode and compete in a full rally season or specialize in a four or two wheel drive championship.

  • Expert Championship Mode demands your best performance as you compete at the highest level yet seen in a rally video game.

  • Create customised rallies. Put together your favorite or themed stages such as straights, jumps or hills, which can be compiled, saved and played at any time.

  • Test new car parts in challenging sub games to acquire new technology - be it an engine, tires or a suspension test.

  • Different levels of damage linked to difficult settings - adapt your playing style as you progress through the difficulty levels.

  • In the Stages and Rally modes race against the clock or go multiplayer with split screen play - up to four players.

  • Enhanced environment detail and new replay cameras providing dramatic highlights from the rallies.

  • New improved audio effects giving even more realistic car sounds using Dolby Digital 5.1

  • Forty-eight tracks and four shakedown stages through eight countries including UK, Australia, Finland, Japan and the USA.

  • Over twenty incredibly detailed vehicles constructed with improved physics and handling giving even more control, including Citroen Xsara, Mitsubishi EVO 7 and Subaru Impreza.

  • High Score Stats Update via Xbox Live

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Another day, another shockingly bad pun. Another year, another Colin McRae update. And...

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