This FPS is set in the cloak and dagger world of global espionage. You assume the role of a disavowed secret agent and must traverse 13 single-player missions set in 8 distinct environments. Make use of 30 real-world weapons and utilize a combined-items system that will allow you to create yourr own weapons, traps, and tools.


  • Seven highly detailed hyper-realistic environments – extensive lighting, shadow, and particle effects
  • Gritty realistic portrayal of body damage and death
  • Advanced single and team-based AI can create cover using objects in environment and can create covering fire for team attacks
  • Pick up and throw objects or move them to create cover and to reveal alternative routes
    Over 30 real-world weapons
  • Create weapons, traps, and tools by collecting and combining found objects
  • Multiple routes through missions and multiple solutions to mission problems

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Cold Winter is a new first-person shooter from Swordfish Studios. The game has about...


FINALLY, PS2 owners have a good FPS. With Cold Winter, Sony finally joins the club...

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