Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Own / Want List

Username Comments
lovegaming None
LevenderGirl None
coopz651 None
Andy None
Kataki None
kymo124 RESIDENT EVIL 4EVER!!!!!
Joshua Mackley None
SerialZero None
Tempest Greatest Hits.
schmikes None
cobra2 The new cutscenes are cool, rest is alright.
Nuggy None
KngAlaric None
JohnnyDamonGirl None
Blackheartedwolf None
Jeg None
Inuyasha64 beaten it
Shedevil Love the game
nagual None
lord of vice city None
Double_En None
RT1985 None
Skullator666 None
Seeker X None
Kya12 None
feedermouse None
Diana None
prince69 None
Twillia1 None
DenniseA None
Cmm None
Camp Kill Yourself None
StrawberryPink None
SunnyDelight None
Torque1T11 None
DragonMaster Dyne None
Mnmfan Very good
xJadeNx Best RE game ever, with RE 2 behind it. Elongated, but with breaks. Challenging, but not too challenging. 10/10
pk_9584 None
Doughedgehog i find it boring at times
Paper Mario Dude None
Ikary Fair, but I prefer Silent Hills and Clock Towers.
Storm None
Celes Leonhart None
Setthotep None
legendkiller_rko None
kingdraconus None
Chimaira None