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The Champions of Norrath have destroyed the god Innoruuk, shattering his body into shards of hate. Innoruuk's followers and allies have taken it upon themselves to gather these shards in order to resurrect their fallen prince. Hate has infected all that was good, leaving no one to trust. Firiona Vie, who has remained pure at heart, has called upon the champions to take up the crusade against evil to rid Norrath of this threat once and for all. The game is designed to offer more than 100 hours of gameplay per character, unlimited battles, deadly missions and the ability to import characters from the original game. Do you have what it takes to be a Champion?


Two new playable races
The ability to import characters from the original game
All-new and beautifully detailed environments
Thousands of new items and magical artifacts to acquire
Innovative medal system which unlocks secret gameplay modes
More than 50 levels along with a mission menu containing non-linear side quests
A host of new monsters to battle and non-player characters to encounter
Continues the engrossing fantasy storyline of Champions of Norrath

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Never played it but it's my brothers. He said it was fun. ChampionsReturnToArms PS2

Ok, first the bad, If you don't have online installed in a old PS2 or don't have a new...


this game is a must have for any RPG gamers out there. whether your a hardcore RPG...


In Return to Arms you are given the decision of the class/race of your character and...


Look, if you played Champions of Norrath and loved it and finished all three...

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