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All the blood, gore and laugh-out-loud comedy of Celebrity Deathmatch the TV show comes alive on the Playstation 2! Fight in the original Celebrity Deathmatch ring or choose one of your own such as the Steel Factory, Deathcon 2000 or the Graveyard. All new celebrities step into the ring while original show hosts Johnny & Nick provide color commentary. Referee Mills Lane calls the winners and losers!


  • Characters take damage throughout fights and appear bruised, bloody, dented, deformed, or hacked apart.

  • Each celebrity has their own unique moves suited to their personas. Special death moves allow players to finish off their opponents with an unbelievable dose of carnage.

  • A plethora of arenas, modes, characters, challenges, and unlockables keep the slaughter new and fresh time after time.

  • Original Show hosts Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez provide color commentary while ref Mills Lane calls the shots.

  • Some celebrities include Anna Nicole Smith, Tommy Lee, Justin Timberlake, Carmen Electra, and many more.
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it's a simple game with loads of funny moments MTVsCelebrityDeathmatch PS2

The concept isn't necessarily bad, when I first heard a Celebrity Deathmatch game was...

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