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CART fury takes all the real tracks and drivers with an arcade style gameplay. A small boost of speed is available per lap, but must be used wisely. The cars boast exaggerated shocks and physics, with the cars feeling quite bouncy and simple to control. There are 5 game modes and 18 tracks.


C.A.R.T. Fury pushes racing to the limits with over-the-top physics, stunning effects, and car-shredding, high-adrenaline wrecks. Officially licensed by Championship Auto Racing Teams, C.A.R.T. Fury features 15 world-champion drivers - including Andretti, Fittipaldi and Vasser - fighting to the finish on tracks from around the world. Selectable driving styles create a challenge for players of all ages and skill levels - from novice to expert.


  • 15 elite C.A.R.T. drivers featured from around the world, plus 12 secret cars! Drivers include Andretti, Fittipaldi, Vasser and more!
  • 18 tracks - hold on tight as you race through 7 real-life C.A.R.T. tracks and 11 fantasy tracks with tons of shortcuts to get you to the finish line!
  • 5 different game modes - Simulation, Arcade, Season, Driving 101 and Sub-Games featuring five additional mini-games like Last Man Standing and Follow the Line.
  • Sound Tracks from - Disturbed, H2SO4, Nullset and more top artists!
  • Real-time races with more crashes, bashes and "on-fire" boost effects to keep your blood pumping!
  • Officially Licensed Product from Championship Auto Racing Teams: Real drivers, tracks, teams, announcers, manufacturers and sponsors.
  • Danny Sullivan Home Theater includes behind-the-scenes video, interviews and more!

I don't mind a long learning curve on a game if the final results merit it. This game...


Let me get this right, the first thing that you unlock is a friggin commercial? that...


nope, not a sim, but if your looking for a fast, fun arcade racer, this is it. All the...


$50 bucks for this, I should of just given the $ to the panhandler! At least he could...

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