: : : : : Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001


A massive martial arts event is planned to settle the conflicts between Capcom's Street Fighters and SNK's King of Fighters characters. There are 10 new characters making a total of 44, and 6 different fighting grooves.


Now, it's time to settle the score! Capcom vs. SNK 2 unleashes lightning fast animation and classic arcade fighting action on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Choose from an arsenal of over 44 characters from the Capcom and SNK fighting universes and customize your fighting style with even more fighting "Grooves." Capcom vs. SNK 2…a brawl buster of epic proportions!

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Capcom vs SNK 2 is instantly one of my favorite fighting games. As you can see before,...


Difficulty: Medium

Good game it's nice to have a Capcom/SNK crossover. Although most of...


Now I may be being overly critical with this game, but I was very disappointed with...

its the "groove" system that makes this game so good. CapcomVsSNK2MarkOfTheMillennium2001 PS2

i got this game for £20 which is a definent bargain the game has lots of features and...


This game is mainly for the 2-d fans. Other people will just see this as another...


This game is awesome! When I actually get god enough at it, I will be hittin the...


This game is my most favorite Fighting Game since the Street Fighter 2 Series for...


Now this is a good game. I borrowed it from my friend one day I enjoyed it very much....

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