Call of Duty: World at War Code Breaker Codes (PS2)

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Master Code (PS2) North America Master

B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
B76EDCF9 CE5774F2
B5167847 05F896FD
FF68C25C F559DF7E

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Infinite Health and Ammo (PS2) North America

Infinite Health:
25B86289 3621D916
CE594C4D 539E5E9F

Infinite Ammo:
510B0733 EC10D231

Infinite Ammo and Grenades:
1AF2FF2E 713BA08A

Immunity to Explosions (PS2) North America

97054CB5 A411A835

This code will make you immune to all explosions, meaning if an explosion happens near you, you will not be affected!

God Mode Codes (PS2) North America

God Mode:
3CD11BB4 888CACF3

God Mode For Team:
36FBD164 C5FC596A

Play Editing Codes (PS2) North America

P1 Press R3+Up Enable Fly Camera:
2B160290 602CD9BF
12943D64 4D504F44

P1 Press R3+Down Disable Fly Camera:
38A365A3 8F8E4D59

P1 Press R3+Left Enable Wireframe Mode:
81A44C26 2818142A
B023F125 9279C1AF

P1 Press R3+Right Disable Wireframe Mode:
023F5859 E739DE20

P1 Press L3+Up Enable Render Spawn Points:
3BE1691C 97713E64
74607983 E16F22A5

P1 Press L3+Down Disable Render Spawn Points:
5CF91DD2 24D49B23
A053D557 CBB9B327

P1 Press L3+Left Disable HUD:
DA6A95DE 62BD5732
78209FEF 81213EC8

P1 Press L3+Right Enable HUD:
13D6F2B9 B8B7767F
076775C0 0423998E

P1 Press Select+Up Disable Player Texture:
9CEF6F4E 22065869
2F479617 4E1017F9

P1 Press Select+Down Enable Player Texture:
CB932E14 FD6E133B
807ED463 225F42BA

P1 Press Select+Left Enable Debug Rain:
2E4C44EC 0DE8325C
4F76332B 9E9C8494

P1 Press Select+Right Disable Debug Rain:
BF53614B 2A571BA9
B50254F1 881039C5

P1 Press L1+Left Enable Random Inputs for Play:
5722302A 88074F4C
6B03DB86 18DA8E96

P1 Press L1+Right Disable Random Inputs for Play:
1855D4E0 BD8AA6B6

P1 Press Square+Up Enable Black Water:
D6441304 05B8A18E
BEA19110 F9403CED

P1 Press Square+Down Disable Black Water:
3D9A716C 646B414F
3A606F48 1F14C8B7

P1 Press Square+Left Disable Water Texture:
45E93197 24181CD8
DC696CA2 8B6880B4

P1 Press Square+Right Enable Water Texture:
3DA9F044 28C4E079
F37F48D3 527291A2

Allows To See Through Walls The Dropped:
54945B3A 6DED9136