Call of Duty 3 Own / Want List

Username Comments
headshot91491 None
cgauld7 None
Honor well this game is got past the limit of exsitement with gaming
chaos None
sailorminimoon_15 Not For Sale
Just a Shadow None
Monterey Jack None
BiOhAZarD722 None
Lighting Half way, never finished, looks decent.
WassaBoyChase None
Larxiz None
King Chaz None
Terranigma Fan Again world war 2... What was I thinking
Matthew MALTA None
Zeek None
n0wh3re None
lucky 7 None
Cutmaster None
SvV_Ying None
ghost12cecil None
inflated kingdra None
x X shadow X x None
deadn00b2 None
killer koala None
narutobud It's a good game, but playing online is cool
quest Great 4.6/5
metal4ever None
shavedzebra None
JimRaynor64 None
MU Loshie FC None
nothgiel None
corrosive3 None
drizzt12 None
RHJ44 None
reydinsonaquino None
dragonite i enjoyed this game much omn the PS2, the single player mode is limited however.
DJuzumaki None
vaughan101 None
J Baliski None
RATCHETguy730 None
Bl00dbitz13 None
Poke Gamer The best game
Xpress25 None
Kota None
Howler228 Amazing
skyformeplatinum None
pokeman5 None
cinnibaby1 None