If you've listened to the radio in the last fifty years and you can push a buzzer, then you're all set to be the next contestant in Buzz. Included in the box are four buzzers designed specifically for the game, so you're ready for four player action from the off.


  • A nice simple round to start off with which lets you build up some points to lose – or build on - in later rounds.
  • If you see the right answer appear onscreen, then Buzz in as fast as you can. Beware though; you'll need lightning reactions to beat your competitors.
  • The quicker you buzz, the more points you'll see.
  • Whether you know the answer or not is irrelevant. More importantly, who do you think doesn't know? This is your opportunity to get your rivals to answer the questions you don't want to.
  • Answer the question correctly to pass the bomb to the next contestant, but don't get caught holding it as it goes off.
  • Time to seek revenge on those that have crossed you in the past.
  • Good hand-eye co-ordination and an aptitude for inane trivia are all that's required for this round. This is a pass or play round, so Buzz in if you want no-one else to have the chance to answer the question if you know it, and pass if you don't.
  • The final round, so there is everything to play for here. Buzz in as soon as you know the answer, but watch out as hastiness could be a bad move: if you don't know the answer, you'll lose points.
  • And finally, a game-show would not be a game-show without the ubiquitous Tie-Breaker where you'll be quizzed all the way to the leader-board. Just remember, points make prizes!

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i really like 2 get this over any other atm BuzzTheMusicQuiz PS2
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Excellent BuzzTheMusicQuiz PS2
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Feb 08, 06 3:31am
Very Funny Game. BuzzTheMusicQuiz PS2
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