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The fifth title in the popular Burnout Series, Burnout Dominator features a number of skill-based challenges which are the ultimate test of dangerous driving. Firstly, master the art of performing Burnouts; this involves filling your boost bar then completely draining it whilst driving as dangerously as you can. Drain your boost multiple times to perform a Burnout. This is the key to earning massive scores in the drift and near miss challenges, and the brand-new maniac mode makes the user put all these skills together to deliver the most dangerous run imaginable.


Burnout Dominator brings racing to a whole new level. You have to drive as aggressive as ever to make it to the finish line, which means taking out anyone that gets in your way.

Cause destruction and mayhem with other rivals in a variety of tracks built solely for that purpose. Slam your rivals off the road and into oblivion, and you can even slam them into blocked shortcuts, which become available afterward.

Now there's a supercharger boost, which gives you unlimited boost as long as you can keep up the driving skills and don't crash. Chain these together for even more points!

There are many events to participate in as well, such as Maniac mode, only adding more fun to the already high fun factor.


  • A variety of cars to choose from, including the new Dominator series cars.
  • The inclusion of the new Maniac mode, where you must use your driving skills to achieve an amount of points to pass that level.
  • Burnout chains, which increase your score as you get higher.
  • Signature Shortcuts, which add to the completion of the game.

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