Burnout 2: Point of Impact Own / Want List

Username Comments
non existent None
The Tank Vroooom!
faris32 None
brnout None
bmtaylor None
AyuNetmd14 None
just 2 xtreme None
Hybrid None
S_i None
imatramp Not As Good As Burnout 3.
YuanShiao45 freakin awesome
ACY3 None
Bende None
ssy3 gotenks None
LowRidder None
Striker_44 None
way2fast10 good game!
gonzab 8.5/10
Mnmfan Even better
fizziwig vrooom!
yam83 None
hbn None
Chimaira None
George2 None
The TimeCrisis Champ proberly the best car game ever 4 me, cus i dont like most of them, i only like it when they make a twist in it or sumthing like crash tag team racing lol
master keaton None
TA Longhair None
Artirtico None
Pinksta None
chaotic None
sn0zb0z None
solidfranz None
thefallenangel64 None
Kota None
Player X None
Ace3000 One of the great originals, complete with cool cars and an awesome soundtrack! If you have the chance, BUY IT!
Cheesy62 None
Mohammed189 None
Albert Chambers None
MarkLap None
betterthansoap None
Fred0071 None
blackgbb None
Inkaddict None
Riku64 None
Leo52 None
Rhn4star0 None