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Return to the streets in Burnout 2, with fourteen all-new vehicles to race, thirty-two new stages to drive, and six new United States-inspired locations. Master the all-new points-based championship gameplay structure, Pursuit races, and Custom Series Mode, where you race modified vehicles complete with body kits and decals.


  • Six exciting new locations, including Los Angeles, The Rocky Mountains, New Mexico and a busy international airport.

  • Thirty-two new stages to drive.

  • Fourteen all-new vehicles to race.

  • Seven secret vehicles to unlock including police cars, 1950's hotrods and stock cars.

  • Realistic weather effects, such as snow, rain and fog.

  • Offensive Driving 101, where you can "Learn to Burn" from the Burnout Driving School.

  • All-new Pursuit races, allowing players to race a police car and ram opponents off the road.

  • Vehicles can get air and earn boosts by jumping.

  • Vehicles can get air and earn boosts by jumping.

  • Incredible all-new car crash and vehicle deformation system - tear up the traffic.

  • New Custom Series Mode - race modified vehicles complete with body kits and decals.

  • Awesome in-game soundtrack to help keep players rocking and racing.

  • Vibration enabled controller compatibility, letting players feel every turn and crunch of the car.

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One of the great originals, complete with cool cars and an awesome soundtrack! If you have the chance, BUY IT! Burnout2PointOfImpact PS2
proberly the best car game ever 4 me, cus i dont like most of them, i only like it when they make a twist in it or sumthing like crash... Burnout2PointOfImpact PS2
If you want to Trade or Sell, then e-mail me Burnout2PointOfImpact PS2

Burnout was supposedly a good arcade racer, but Burnout 2 is far better. The Graphics,...


Burnout 2 is way way better than the first!!! has more cars/levels to it! i...

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