Bully Own / Want List

Username Comments
potter92 None
lordtyger9 None
Crys4MJ None
SerialZero None
crazyvin08 completed
IcedPhoenix None
katef None
Hopkins greatest game ever
Andy None
AdamHill awesome free-roamer
Andy10003 None
Dave Young my favorite game!
ulitmate taz None
Oogity_Boogity_Boo None
Dizzydarkness None
JermalMC None
Seeker X Great game
Deathsythe None
Solid Snake 4Life awesome
Grimm Reaper101 Rocksss! beat it
faris32 None
REsplin None
bbiel182 This game is sick
Jak66 Spectacular!
therocksuks None
Kokoro None
The cheater None
Bri None
Burn in Hell None
Ijiero None
SunnyDelight None
PinKish KriS None
Kataki None
PriestessDarky I love this game not only for the story, but the awesome characters.
Intoxication None
BlazinFaze None
hexon None
Celes Leonhart Had more fun playing this than I have on most GTA's
Gonessy None
Dio 8.8/10
acwwdsfiend92 great game
Braden None
beatrixgamer None
han_keep_smilin None
nadloz very gd condition
ratedM awesome.
ShaunLanier None
Machienzo Rockstar doesn't fail in protraying the gritty school life of a bully. A slightly watered down version of GTA.