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The murder of an underground hacker in Paris is just the beginning of this extraordinary adventure for George Stobbart and Nico Collard in the highly anticipated Broken Sword III. Powerful seismic events are shaking the world. An Ancient Conspiracy, the Secrets of the Templars, and a fiendish source of pure Evil are responsible…

From the jungles of the Congo to the deceptive calm of the English West Country and gothic castles – time is running out for the Earth and only George and Nico can save it...


  • An epic narrative from Europe's master storytellers.

  • Unique graphics look sets game apart. Stunning graphics delivered by a radical new graphic engine.

  • Compelling 21st century adventure gameplay. Wholly intuitive direct control interface.

  • Fresh gameplay reinvents the genre Movie quality script and voice acting, with facial animation.

  • Choreographed by Revolution's proprietary Virtual Actor Engine.

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nasty nappa
Jul 19, 12 9:49am
an endless replayable classic BrokenSwordTheSleepingDragon PC
Revacci and 6 others own Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon
nasty nappa and 2 others played Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon
nasty nappa
Aug 13, 10 9:40am
amazinly graphiced puzzle adventure game and an awsome game to the broken sword seires BrokenSwordTheSleepingDragon PS2
nasty nappa
Aug 13, 10 9:40am
a great sequal to the second game with crisp graphics and gripping storyine BrokenSwordTheSleepingDragon PS2
Jul 22, 10 2:00pm
I like it. What else can I say? BrokenSwordTheSleepingDragon PS2
Aug 04, 08 5:27am
Very good, hard and brain taxing! BrokenSwordTheSleepingDragon PS2
Jun 28, 08 7:32pm
loading takes forever, saving takes 1 SECOND! WOOOOOOOO!!! BrokenSwordTheSleepingDragon PS2
bloby 101
Feb 14, 06 1:30am
final game in the broken sword series BrokenSwordTheSleepingDragon PS2
Apr 02, 05 5:23pm
added a cheat
Oct 22, 04 2:47pm
added a cheat
beet hoven
Mar 23, 04 10:01am

Sound :8/10-Good But can somtimes loop
Graphics:9/10-Excellent, but If played for...

Feb 06, 04 6:52am
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