The Bouncer Own / Want List

Username Comments
MrX867 None
Ethereal I will PAY -you- .70 cents to take this off my hands.
Inuyasha64 beaten it
Shedevil None
Oni 9 out of 10
teal None
feedermouse None
Diana None
SquareEnix gamer None
Raven 2029 Different Fighter Type
LegendaryGuardian None
Celes Leonhart Don't understand the hate for this game, loved it
Milon Again bought preowned but i like it that much that im not selling this one on
Setthotep None
crackheadtrent None
TheFogIsRising None
Agatsuma Soubi None
Tsukasa112 None
Oblivion Madgod None
lonewolveshardt None
kfq None
itoribio None
Trev81 None
hazardye None
Boewz None
Kimberlee88 None
Soquid Snake None
Jeshika None
The Bouncer Volt None
shpongled None
Pwn92 None
akurokuotaku None
madden825 None
TheTrickFox None
Dionysus None
Whistling Wolf None
EvilTediz597 None
Mrgrimmz None
JonesFRB None