Blood Omen 2 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.4/10

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Blood Omen 2 Reviews

website score publish date
GameZone 7/10 May 06 '02
The Armchair Empire 4/10 May 11 '02
Electric Playground 6.5/10 Apr 26 '02
Game Revolution C- Apr 19 '02
Gamespot 7.6/10 Apr 02 '02
Gamespy 68/100 Mar 27 '02
IGN PS2 7.4/10 Mar 21 '02
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Blood Omen 2 Previews

website publish date
IGN PS2 Feb 19 '02
IGN PS2 Jan 02 '02
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Game Revolution on Apr 22 '02

"...what can you "count" on from Blood Omen 2? Not much more than a heaping bowl of mediocrity that quickly turns soggy in drenched pints of blood. While fans of third-person adventures will find..."

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Gamespot on Mar 28 '02

"It's worth playing to those lonely for another vampire game or wanting a change of pace from all the first-person shooters."

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IGN PS2 on Mar 16 '01

"As Kain, players will have access to his many vampiric supernatural abilities, such as rooftop jumping and mind control that will undoubtedly be helpful in unlocking new expansive 3D environments..."

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IGN PS2 on Feb 20 '02

"...Blood Omen 2 offers quite a nice atmosphere, one that's ominous and dark. I felt that by playing Kain I was really embarking on a dangerous adventure that was sure to cause me great harm, and..."

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IGN PS2 on Mar 22 '02

"...I am disappointed. I admit, I wanted a better-looking game; a faster, more finished title with more areas to explore, better looking locations, smarter puzzles, and better fights. But, I still..."

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