The Bloody Roar series comes to PS2 with Bloody Roar 3. Although the cast is the same they have new combos and other fighting features. PS2 power will have the action and 3D backgrounds keeping up at 60 frames per second.


Bloody Roar 3 continues the critically acclaimed fighting tradition of the Bloody Roar series. Get in on all the pulse-pounding arena action as 14 fighters battle it out for domination. Each character has the ability to transform from a human into an alternate beast life-form with special attack moves. Featuring single- and two-player head-to-head action, you'll battle your way through 9 detailed fighting arenas with breakable walls and floors. Take on the gauntlet of fighters by yourself or go head-to-head with a friend in the ultimate battle-fest. Choose from 12 different gameplay modes including Arcade, Versus, Survival and Practice, plus an additional 8 gameplay modes that can be unlocked as you progress through the game.


  • Fully animated, three-dimensional backgrounds and themed musical accompaniment provide added depth to each battle

  • Play as over ten different characters, each with their own advantages and weaknesses

  • Test your skills as a human, or transform into beast mode and unleash your special moves

  • Unlock secret characters, alternate battle modes, music clips and image galleries

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Bloody Roar 3 on PS2 took me one day to complete arcade with one charcter (because I...


Well it seems that as each time a sequel came out for this great fighting series it...


Do you feel the energy rushing to your brain? If so then you my friend have just...


When I frist pop this in my PS2 I was in heaven. This game is fun and can be hard. It...


Bloody Roar is pretty fun, with lots of combination and tactics this game will take...


I highly recomend this, it is very cool and a lot different then most fighting games,...


Bloody Roar has to be one of the better designed fighting games that exists today. ...


Dispise of the blocky graphic, the gameplay itself made up for it. Smooth and fast...


buy it ... play it... love it... dream of it... and just kik @ss!!


In conclusion,i'll rate bloody roar 3 a b- ,but i know they could do better.And it's...

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