You assume the role of an American caught in the middle of a battle raging in Europe. Employed by the US governement to run secret missions for a Black Operations agency, as your colleagues go missing you start to become suspicious of who's behind their disappearance.


In Black, you and your comrades must travel and battle through the war-torn lands of Europe which range from wide forests to completely destroyed highways, littered with broken vehicles and debris. A variety of weapons are availble for use; many of them designed from real-life guns of the modern world. You also must complete a certain number of objectives for each level in order to move on to the next level, and you have the option of completing special objectives as well. As you clear each level you will come closer to the answer as to why your comrades are disappearing one by one.


  • Playable Hollywood shoot-outs: the most destructive fire fights with defining video game shooting experience
  • Signature Kills: unique gameplay that allows players to use explosive worlds and objects against their enemies
  • Clandestine war: OVERT not covert operations. In the real world of Black operations, there's no time for stealth.

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awesome fps kept me entertained from start to finish imo up there amongst the best 9/10 Black PS2
im at misson 5 on black ops Black Xbox
I played the demo then went straight to game stop to buy it Black
Full of action, though not what I was expecting after seeing the advertising. Still has loads of destruction! Black
Haven't played enough of yet to comment... Black
7/10 great graphics need more checkpoints Black
A GREAT shooter for the PS2! Black
very realistic game for the ps2 Black
Great Shooting Game!!!!!! BUT VERY HARD!!!!! Black

Gameplay for this game is simplest and isn't very hard to play. I like the most about...

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