No sign of Charlton Heston, but with more togas than a US college frat party Ben Hur brings the speed and carnage of the Coliseum to your PS2. Climb aboard your fastest chariot and race for your life across 17 mythical and historical tracks from Pompeii to Olympus. Select your heroic charioteer from 15 playable characters taken from four civilisations including Romans, Egyptians and Greeks. Each configuration of chariot, wheels, horses and charioteer will give you differing speed, manoeuvrability, armour and combat skill, so choose each component wisely and trade to ensure you get the best. As well as speed and horsemanship, you'll need skill with steel to fend off your opponents using spears, sword and axes. Worthy combatants may call upon their gods in order to cast offensive and defensive miracles including fireballs and healing spells. If the call of the sword and sandal is upon you and you crave the roar of the crowd, take to the circus of Rome with Ben Hur.
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