Battle your way through the global Hip-Hop culture of break-dancing, perfecting the strongest moves and challenging the worlds best B-Boys. B-Boy is a credible, fully licensed porting of the B-Boy experience, featuring licensed B-Boys, licensed music, authentic B-Boy artwork and genuine B-Boy locations and events.


Compete in 21 authentic worldwide locations against 40 B-Boys and B-Girls including 12 licensed B-Boy legends - such as Crazy Legs from the RockSteady Crew (fully motion-captured and fully licensed for in-game play), or build your own B-Boy and master the skills you need to perform a wide range of break-dance moves and freezes. Your B-Boy can be kitted out with the latest in Adidas clothing, rewarded when battles are won, and there's even an in-game Adidas sponsorship deal up for grabs for the best B-Boy on the scene.


  • Over 800 motion-captured moves to master - learn and develop new combos and individual routines to get the edge over an opponent

  • Style, flair and rhythm gain respect and make the crowd go crazy

  • Create a B-Boy and B-Girl character from scratch - form a crew, build a reputation and take on the masters

  • Kit the character out with the latest Adidas gear as battles are won

  • Progress from street battles to world championships, with 21 real locations across the globe including Red Bull "King Of The Ring" and the UK B-Boy Championships

  • Unlockable new locations and characters

  • Huge licensed soundtrack - 40 classic Hip-Hop and funk tracks featuring artists such as James Brown, Redman, Eric B and Rakim and Cypress Hill

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