Based on the animated series "The New Batman Adventures", the Joker falls from a bridge to his death. Crime sweeps Gotham City, as the likes of Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, and other notorious villains step up to fill The Joker's evil shoes. To uncover the plot against Batman, players must exploit every skill, device and technology in the Batman arsenal.


The game pits players as the Dark Knight himself on a quest to stop a mysterious crime wave in Gotham City. Batman has full freedom of movement to go anywhere within wide-open, sprawling 3D environments -- some that stretch up and up and up. The caped crusader can walk, run, sneak against walls, climb, glide through the air with his cape and engage in hand-to-hand combat. The game features 19 stages, 40 minutes of rendered cinematics, and plenty of Bat gadgets, like batarangs, batgrapples, flash bombs, remote charges, batcuffs, nets, the batlauncher, batscope and more


  • The most versatile 3D Batman yet, with over 500 animated movements, special fighting moves and a multi-functional cape with its own A.I.

  • Journey through a fully rendered 3D Gotham City with Batman's sleek weapons and devices at their fingertips, including the BatGrapple, BatScope, Batarang, BatLauncher, flash bombs and more

  • Staggering array of gameplay modes: Exploring, Fighting, FPS (Batarang, BatGrapple, Batscope, and Gadgets), Driving, Flying, Freefall, and Puzzles

  • Over 40 minutes of gripping cinematics featuring the original voice cast of TV's The New Batman Adventures
    Original storyline written in collaboration with Warner Brothers and DC Comics, from the files of The New Batman Adventures.

  • Dolby Surround 5.1 Sound featuring original music inspired by the television series.

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WAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHHHAAAAAA... Security My Boy! Can't be too careful with all those weirdos around... BatmanVengeance PS2
I don't want this anymore. Please take it. BatmanVengeance PS2

*sigh* I got this game for Christmas. It's.. ok.. no, a bit less than ok. The controls...


this game has good graphics and gameplay but it is to short it wouldn't take that long...


Actual gameplay is good.. but control integration is kind of akward. It's a nice touch...


Take your right hand and ball it into a fist. Good! Now how many fingers are you...

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