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Grand Phantasm is the story of two young adventurers, Edge and Iris. By accident, they find a piece of a legendary magic book. This book was divided into 8 pieces and scattered across the land. Anyone who finds and unites all 8 pieces will have their wishes come true. On their quest to find all the pieces, Edge and Iris are joined by a rag-tag team of alchemists and warriors. Together they'll accomplish the impossible and make their dreams a reality.


  • Quest system that allows the players to decide which quest to play
  • No more random encounter. You can battle enemies on the field
  • Customizable job classes
  • What you find on the field can be used to create items and weapons
  • More craftable combinations
  • You can even make your own custom weapons
  • Guild based quest system for 40+ hours of game play
  • Monsters hit the gem for more challenging and exciting battles

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