Astro Boy: Omega Factor review
hmm.... he needs a shirt!


weeeeelll, lets see, the game starts off with a cool anime cutscene involving astro boy and an old guy with a nose that looks like you could land a plane on. Later gameplay begins, starting with a bogus mission to kick some crappy robot butt. later, on to another easy mission! well, get the picture? this game doesent have any actual levels, its just kick butt talk kick butt talk and lather rinse, repeat for about... the whole game! the graphics are, shall I say, wierd. Kinda cartoony but still not too good. There's some realy good dialogue in here wich you will hear allot. The boss fights are fairly simple, beat the guy up, he gets unconcious and throw him against a wall.And astroboy teaches a nice lesson after beating the robots half to death. Infact, The only robot that explodes forever because of astro is Atlas. The others are just too stupid to realize that they should explode! Gamers like explosions! Well, you can "beat up some robots using a mediocre 3 punch combo. I think it should've had some kicks and cool combos but nooooo, it had to be that lame little 3 punch "combo". And, I think that kids over the age of 10 will enjoy this game, because its a bit violent for the young ones.And, that concludes my very profssional review!

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