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You Control The Earth – But Who Controls The Skies?

The ultimate mechanized combat game returns!

Corporations are waging a fierce war for domination of the planet's natural resources. It's up to you to discover the mysteries surrounding the Silent Line – a place no one has ever returned from. Take the fight right across post-apocalyptic Earth; from desert ruins with ferocious sand storms, dense jungle swamps and subterranean bases to high soaring aerial missions. Do you have what it takes to cross the line?


  • Over 34 Missions – 41 Arena Opponents – 21 Arena Maps
  • Reinvent Your Armored Core – With more customizable features and over 200 new parts
  • Over 428 total parts to fully customize your machine: this is the largest Armored Core expansion ever with literally billions of possible configurations
  • Adaptive A.I. Arena – This innovative new feature allows you to design the artificial intelligence for your Armored Cores and create a custom arena
  • New Cockpit Perspective – Truly experience a mission with the intense new 1st person view
  • New Death Match Modes – Go head-to-head with up to 4 players or team up for fierce 2-on-2 battles
  • New Destructible Weapons – Take the tactical advantage by taking out your enemy's weapon systems
  • Dolby Surround Pro Logic II Sound - Propels a realism you can feel as well as hear

Editor's Note:

Titled "Armored Core 3: Silent Line" in Japan.

Added on: February 24, 2003

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what can i say i love armored core! SilentLineArmoredCore PS2
Probably the second best outing on the PS2, behind AC2. Unfortunately when this was released the series was in desperate need of... SilentLineArmoredCore PS2

This is honestly the greatest Armored Core game since Master of Arena. There is barely...


The one thing i like most about the Armored core series is the whole customization...


It has 200 parts, plus, the parts from A.C.3. You can create your own A.I, and train...


It has 200 parts, plus, the parts from A.C.3. You can create your own A.I, and train...


The only drawback with this game is the length of it. Although the hidden parts are...


I've been playing Armored Core since AC2 came out several years ago. I get better and...


ok, first person is good eye candy, not good for much except for blading, all around...


If you are an Armored Core fan, buy this. If you are an expert, Silent Line is not a...


I think this game is the best of the Armored core series so far. It is the most...


Great Game! Any Hardcore AC fan should jump right in! New painting effects that are...

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