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You Control The Earth – But Who Controls The Skies?

The ultimate mechanized combat game returns!

Corporations are waging a fierce war for domination of the planet's natural resources. It's up to you to discover the mysteries surrounding the Silent Line – a place no one has ever returned from. Take the fight right across post-apocalyptic Earth; from desert ruins with ferocious sand storms, dense jungle swamps and subterranean bases to high soaring aerial missions. Do you have what it takes to cross the line?


  • Over 34 Missions – 41 Arena Opponents – 21 Arena Maps
  • Reinvent Your Armored Core – With more customizable features and over 200 new parts
  • Over 428 total parts to fully customize your machine: this is the largest Armored Core expansion ever with literally billions of possible configurations
  • Adaptive A.I. Arena – This innovative new feature allows you to design the artificial intelligence for your Armored Cores and create a custom arena
  • New Cockpit Perspective – Truly experience a mission with the intense new 1st person view
  • New Death Match Modes – Go head-to-head with up to 4 players or team up for fierce 2-on-2 battles
  • New Destructible Weapons – Take the tactical advantage by taking out your enemy's weapon systems
  • Dolby Surround Pro Logic II Sound - Propels a realism you can feel as well as hear

Editor's Note:

Titled "Armored Core 3: Silent Line" in Japan.

Added on: February 24, 2003

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Bootknife and 6 others played Silent Line: Armored Core
Bootknife and 19 others own Silent Line: Armored Core
Dec 13, 09 12:13pm
what can i say i love armored core! SilentLineArmoredCore PS2
Johnny G
Apr 19, 05 9:44am
Probably the second best outing on the PS2, behind AC2. Unfortunately when this was released the series was in desperate need of... SilentLineArmoredCore PS2
Mar 03, 05 4:45pm

This is honestly the greatest Armored Core game since Master of Arena. There is barely...

Chad Ghostal
Apr 22, 04 6:35am
Good Mech Game SilentLineArmoredCore PS2
Feb 05, 04 6:23pm
added 5 new screenshots
Feb 02, 04 6:25pm

The one thing i like most about the Armored core series is the whole customization...

Jan 25, 04 4:09pm
Oct 06, 03 11:46am

It has 200 parts, plus, the parts from A.C.3. You can create your own A.I, and train...

Oct 06, 03 11:45am

It has 200 parts, plus, the parts from A.C.3. You can create your own A.I, and train...

Aug 27, 03 12:36pm

The only drawback with this game is the length of it. Although the hidden parts are...

Aug 10, 03 11:17am

I've been playing Armored Core since AC2 came out several years ago. I get better and...

Aug 08, 03 5:25pm

ok, first person is good eye candy, not good for much except for blading, all around...

Aug 02, 03 11:09am

If you are an Armored Core fan, buy this. If you are an expert, Silent Line is not a...

Jul 26, 03 10:12am

I think this game is the best of the Armored core series so far. It is the most...

Jul 16, 03 2:10pm

Great Game! Any Hardcore AC fan should jump right in! New painting effects that are...

Apr 06, 03 2:00am
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