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The 10th installment to the Armored Core series. This game brings you an all new extensive Garage with more parts than ever and the smoothest, sleekest most refined game engine to date. This game offers dozens of missions to blast your way through and loads of Arena opponents to face one-on-one.


Armored Core: Last Raven, much the same as previous instalments will be an action game, but it will feature a new approach to mission structures and storylines. FROM SOFTWARE is offering multi-choice missions so different actions can trigger alternate outcomes of the assignments. Which in affect could change the course of the storyline. You can also tune parts, as seen in Armored Core: Nexus.


<ul type="square"> Armored Core: Last Raven will feature more than 500 parts in the garage, most of which you can tweak and tune to perfection.

<ul type="square"> Play your way through 70+ diverse and original mission assignments, some with multiple outcomes to change the course of the story

<ul type="square"> Every external part on the mechs can be damaged and destroyed, and they will function worse the more damage they accumulate

<ul type="square"> The game features a real-time element, you have 24 hours to complete all the missions/eliminate threat, which is a debut aspect to any Armored Core game so far

<ul type="square"> Battle your way through an extensive arena full to the brim with excellent opponents that push you to your limit, using the most advanced AI system to date, during battles enemies will now adapt to situations

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