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Offering completely redesigned Armored Core units, the game features a four-player arena mode, a completely new interface, an AI-controlled backup mech in the one-player missions, the ability to drop weapons to improve speed, and Dolby Surround support.


  • All new weapons including left-handed howitzers and flamethrowers, and right-handed energy blades.

  • All new parts list completely updated from the previous titles.

  • New jettison feature allows pilots to ditch parts in the middle of battle that they no longer need.

  • New double arena feature unlocked after first arena is completed

  • All new missions.
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Another solid title, but AC2 is generally cheaper and is the better purchase ArmoredCore3 PS2
Got it from a friend ArmoredCore3 PS2

Hmmmm, where to start. Oh yes! This game is AWSOME! Short(But I've never beat it cause...


OK well first off by saying this game is only for the Mech fans, well this game at...


The exceed orbit actually brings your core into play and the better and more variety...


Before you get started reading this, you might want to konw that I went out and bought...


Ok heres the deal everyone this game kicks ass, and all who disagree should...


This game is really great and is fun too, but most of the codes don't work. The code...


1) Cool factor: You have a massive mech with big guns and work for companies against...


Easily the best installment in the series to date, AC3 shatters the last two...


On my personal opinion...the game is great. Perfectly rounded on the weapons, figuring...


Parts can be used as a jiggsaw puzzle to try and make the perfect Ac for you, naming...

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