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Armored Core 2: Another Age takes place a few years after Leos Klain's coup on Mars. There are 100 new missions and a split-screen vs. mode. There are also 10 billion possible parts combinations. Another Age is also ready for multiplayer action through an i-link cable or PS2 modem!


  • Over 100 new missions.

  • New weapons and parts, and upgrades on old parts from Armored Core 2.

  • New story plot, focusing the setting on Earth rather than Mars like the previous title.

  • Additional areas opened after completion of regular game.

  • Ability to load data from Armored Core 2 transferring all data from old files.

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pilot giant robots to complete mission after mission as a mercenary ArmoredCore2AnotherAge PS2
I like armored core but the only way i can seem to beat it is to cheat lol ArmoredCore2AnotherAge PS2
Not as good as AC2, but a solid buy if you see it cheap. ArmoredCore2AnotherAge PS2

The expansion pack on AC2, this game really does just expand on the old formula. I was...


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This game is one of the best so far for PS2 better than all the new games i.e GTA...


To me this game is the most advanced mech game around. It meets perfection in the...


i decided to put a review on here because to many wimps were leaving reviews (like...


Despite all of this AC2AA is still an excellent game. It's one of those titles that...


I need to confese this game is fit to be a hall of famer in my hall. That is how good...


The armored core series is a series that some people like, and some people dislike. ...


Yep... This rocks the house!


People who say this game sucks because its hard, just suck because this is one of the...


When it comes down to options, creativity, and good old fashion combat this game...

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