MDK 2 Armageddon Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.1/10

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MDK 2 Armageddon Reviews

website score publish date
Thunderbolt 8/10 Feb 20 '03
ConsoleDomain  --- Apr 11 '01
Da Gameboyz 8.5/10 May 16 '01
Game Power Australia 3.5/4 May 03 '01
Game Revolution B+ Apr 28 '01
Games Radar UK  --- Apr 11 '01
Gamespot 7.6/10 Mar 23 '01
Happy Puppy 7/10 Apr 30 '01
IGN PS2 8.7/10 Mar 27 '01
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MDK 2 Armageddon Previews

website publish date
IGN PS2 May 18 '00
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Game Revolution on Apr 30 '01

"I would definitely recommend MDK2: Armageddon to anyone who hasn't played the Dreamcast version. Its mix of brains and brawn come together for some truly fun gameplay."

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IGN PS2 on Jun 26 '00

"Along with all the added features, Armageddon is certain to look better than its predecessors. BioWare promises improved character models, and the huge alien environments that looked so impressive..."

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IGN PS2 on Mar 28 '01

"MDK 2: Armageddon is a great action title that is certainly worth twenty hours of your time. A great story, fast-paced adventure and a good deal of challenge make up for the fact that this game..."

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Thunderbolt on Apr 29 '08

"It's cheap, it's good and I liked it. Try to get your hands on this if you can, or you can try the PC or Dreamcast versions if you can't find the PlayStation 2 version, as they are all very well done."

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