Beyond our world lies that of the Elemental beings, the Arcana. These mighty spirits offer their abilities to the Maidens, those rare humans who are able to communicate with them. Long ago, our worlds were connected. However, the two worlds unexpectedly split apart, and a dimensional boundary was formed between them, separating our world from the Arcana. Seeking to harness their energy, the mysterious Mildred Avalon is trying to form a rift in the boundary and merge the worlds once more. Should her plan succeed, life on our world will never be the same again. Only the Maidens, with the help of their Arcana, can prevent her from bringing an end to all humanity.


  • Gorgeous anime?style 2D fighting with cute characters and smooth animations.
  • Deep fighting engine with significant fighter customization options.
  • Very popular arcade and console fighter in Japan comes to North America.

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A hugely popular game in arcades in Japan, Arcana Heart is one of the newest...

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