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In 2131 A.D., Earth has been hit with a war like no other. Out of the ashes rises the city of Olympus, a utopia where half the population consists of Bioroids (artificial humans) who are controlled by the super-computer Gaia. A warrior by the name of Deunan Knute, is brought to Olympus after years of fighting and is re-united with her ex-lover, Briareos. However, after sustaining life-threatening injuries, Briareos is now a cyborg. And to make matters worse, Olympus, the Bioroids and Gaia are not what they appear to be.
May 06, 09 9:39pm
[img]http://www.importcds.com/images/icon-producttype_bluray.gif[/img] the visuals in this are [b]amazing[/b] Appleseed
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