In Ape Escape 2, players have to capture an array of monkeys that are running loose across locations around the world. To accomplish this task, players have access to a variety of gadgets and gizmos, all designed to help you in every way possible.


  • Variety and Detail: Chase over 300 delinquent monkeys each with their own personalities, hilarious attitudes and character animations.
  • Lush Environments: Large, lavish and whimsical environments such as Enter the Monkey, Castle Frightmare, Panic Pyramid and Moon Base provide a varied gameplay experience.
  • Improves on the Original: Ape Escape 2 builds on it's predecessor by offering additional gadgets, more bosses, new vehicles and extra mini-games.
  • Deep Game: 20 expansive levels plus 8 boss levels provide hours of gameplay and replay value.
  • Superior Controls: Excellent gameplay and intuitive, smooth controls

Editor's Note:

Known as "Saru Getchu 2" in Japan.

Added on: August 02, 2002

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:.( i almost finished the game when i rented it one time and then it had to go back :( ApeEscape2 PS2

I have never played Ape Escape. I like the monkeys go eee... I am a kid(8), But I find...


This is a great game for an 8 year old but many older people would find that you're...


BAsicly it rocks!!!


This game is, like other people say, much like the first one (which is not bad by...


The graphics in this game are good but hey will be great for the people who played the...

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