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Private investigator Edward Carnby's friend Charles Fiske is found dead on the shores of Shadow Island. Knowing that his colleague was investigating three tablets of power, Carnby decides to investigate the mammoth mansion on the island for clues.


Alone in the Dark (5) brings the survival horror genre to the next level before it's even released as it's the first completely free world horror game. Go where you want, when you want in a virtual reality scale model of New York's Central Park. Played in third person, this horror shooter leaves you to roam the fright-infested darkened corners of your worst nightmares.


  • Action-adventure game

  • Solve the mystery of a friend's death, while trying not to fall to the same death as your friend

  • Several supernatural weapons, with customizable firing patterns

  • Special combat mode

  • For 1 player action only

Editor's Note:

IGNPS2 quoted Infogrames as saying: "it's going to be a port, but we probably will add in graphic updates and play changes, depending on the feedback we get from people who play the PlayStation and other versions,".

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Added on: February 14, 2001

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Jul 19, 13 2:06pm
Only completed this game once with Harvey. AloneInTheDarkTheNewNightmare PS2
May 26, 13 4:33pm
good horror overall controls are slightly confusing and puzzles are frustrating good game for anyone looking for a challange 8/10 AloneInTheDarkTheNewNightmare PS2
Legionare_23 and 10 others own Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
Sep 27, 11 1:59pm
It took me a couple of days (quite a few days) but I actually finished it now with Edward Carnby. AloneInTheDarkTheNewNightmare PC
LevenderGirl and 3 others played Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
Feb 12, 09 12:05pm
boring AloneInTheDarkTheNewNightmare PC
Oct 06, 08 6:00am
added 2 cheats
Princess Carmipoo
Jun 29, 05 9:33am
Never really played it. AloneInTheDarkTheNewNightmare PC
Jun 01, 05 3:41pm
to good 4 a low price AloneInTheDarkTheNewNightmare PC
Sep 07, 03 12:31am
added a cheat
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