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The flight-sim franchise heads to the PS2, giving owners the chance to fly 120-plus planes through more than 60 missions. Some planes are based on real-life models while others are purely imaginary - you can even pilot Gradius' Vic Viper in space missions.


  • Exhilarating arcade-action flight combat with realistic fighters
  • Over 20 pilots each with unique skills and personalities
  • 60 heart-stopping non-linear missions that vary with each pilot
  • Over 130 planes from WWII classics to the latest hybrid fighters
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Airforce Delta Strike, also known as Airforce Delta: Blue Wing Knights, is Konami's...

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Not as good as Ace Combat 4 AirForceDeltaStrike PS2
The Tank
Jul 06, 04 7:41am
wish missions were more realistic AirForceDeltaStrike PS2
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I usually have a hard time falling asleep on long flights. But i really did conk out...

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